Sunday, December 23, 2007

Parking in Chicago

On Friday, Kate picked me up from school after driving 5 hours in her car. She was driving in to the city while everyone else was driving out of the city. We made our way downtown to Reza's for Persian food and then to AMC River East to see the movie Juno. The great thing about parking downtown on the Friday before Christmas is that everyone has left out of town so, parking close to your destination is easy and free.
A true Chicagoan never pays for parking. Even when its the holidays, no self respecting Chicagoan should have to pay for parking, on the street or in a parking garage, in their own city. Paying for parking is reserved for someone from Schuamburg or a tourist from Indiana.
Additonally, how do you tell a tourist from a Chicagoan? A tourist or a suburbanite for that matter, has a clean windshield. What, you say? A windshield with at least 4 years worth of city stickers on the right side is a tell tale sign of a True Chicagoan.


Eric said...

Good job. I like that. Any self respecting Chicagoan...are we Chicagoans?

True Chicagoan said...

Yes, you are.You've sublimated into the fabric of this city. And..... your daughter bleeds red, white, and baby blue.