Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Our Family's 2007 Top Ten List

Today, I have a guest blogger, my wife Katie.

After we made our 2007 Top Ten List (as suggested by "The Love List" by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot), Bill asked me to post it on his blog because I type faster than him- I refused. Then he said he wanted me to his guest blogger, which I thought was kind of cute, so I agreed. Here it is (in no particular order):

1. Exercise: Bill began running with Ryan Steingard in Humboldt Park and lost 20 lbs. and I began walking the neighborhood while pushing Liam's stroller and listening to podcasts.
2. Liam's many FIRSTS: crawling, walking, talking and our favorite- sleeping through the night (thanks to "The Sleep Easy Solution")
3. Block involvement (getting a mural painted on HOBO, consistent block club meetings with Bill as the president, deeper relationships with some neighbors and Bill's fight for the historic preservation of Ferndell's)
4. Nights away from home with and without Liam (hotel in Schaumburg, Galena)
5. Turning 30 (taking a skyline flight and having a celebrity surprise party for Bill and spending time at my Uncle Jim's cabin near Madison for mine)
6. Sharing parenting with the Runyans.
7. Going on dates- having babysitters!
8. The balance I have found between being a mom and having a life (and job) outside of the house.
9. Christmas with the Sullivan family- sharing our highs and lows from the year- healing.
10. Peace and calm in the Smiljanich family


jandcknox said...

I like this. Cath and I followed your lead and came up with our own top ten. I think it will be a nice tradition.

jandcknox said...

I like this. Cath and I followed your lead and created our own top ten list. I think this will be a nice tradition.

Kel said...

I like how Bill cleverly changes his marketing angle and it sucks Katie right in to do what he wanted:) That's a great list.

Eric said...

Have you figured out how to post comments yet?? Also keep up the posting, please!!