Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What is a bodega?

I usually get these google alerts for Humbodt park and West humboldt park and I keep getting blogs and internet articles about "Humboldt Park" the movie being fimed here. It's a movie " that follows a family reunion during the holidays in the Chicago neighborhood of Humboldt Park. John Leguizamo and Freddy Rodriguez have been cast as brothers in the clan. JayHernandez plays a friend of the family who works there. Melanie Diaz is a former lover of Rodriguez's character and friends with the clan's daughter. Mercedes Ruehl is the matriarch and Alfred Molina is the father who owns a bodega." Bodega? What is a bodega?

I thought maybe it was some kind of store and I was right. Apparently bodegas are what we in Chicago like to call, corner stores. See what happens when Nuyoricans write a script about True Chicago Puerto Ricans. Maybe Freddy Rodriguez, who grew up in a Puerto Rican niegborhood, in Chicago no less, should have read the script before it went into production.


Beatrice B said...

I am not sure in Chicago but dominican bodegas are simple stores where you can buy daily use products and lotto tickets. Sometimes they have delivery and such informal services. They were introduced in the states by latino immigrants, I believe.
What exactly is a "corner store"?
Sorry, i don't live in the US and english is not my first language.

True Chicagoan said...

A corner store in Chicago is exactly what you are describing. Also, those that speak spanish call the corner store or bodega, "la tienda" here in Chicago.

Beatrice B said...

I get it, hey, thank you. It's nice to learn something new. By the way. I saw one latest picture of the set of "Humboldt Park" and it's indeed a PuertoRican Bodega. I think they got it right in the film. ^_^ yay! Maybe Freddy did read the script after all, right?

A screenplay in the making

True Chicagoan said...

Hey check out this movie update from February 28, 2008.


Beatrice B said...

XD you got me! So i understand now: Bodegas is how they call them in New York. Silly me. Now I get your meaning. There was never a "bodega" word in Chicago local vocabulary. That's cool.

^_^ As I said before one learns something new every day.
But, you know, I am really looking forward to this movie. I've never been in Chicago and I was not aware there were such a huge latino community there.

Thanks for everything.