Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sneaky Runners

Some may have heard, but if you haven't, I've been coerced by my friend Ryan to run a half marathon. I know you might say, "That fat tub o' lard, he can't run 13 miles". Well to all of you who say that, ha, I ran 11-12 miles on last Saturday, I wasnt counting, but I think it was that much, really. How do I know, well Ryan thought that we should run about 9-10 miles going south along the lakeshore, we somehow got caught up in the Soldier Field 10 miler, and we were running against the flow. So some Kenyans at the front of the line were breezing past us with no problems, the problems came when were were running into runners trying to make good time. One guy yelled obsenities at Ryan which caused Ryan to want to run into runners and screw up their time. It was getting serious so I went into the grass.
We ran almost to Hyde Park, actually Promentory Point, stretched out, then followed all the stragglers all the way back into Soldier Field. When I entered the field, through the area where the players entered the field, we were greeted with a hero's welcome, as if they knew I had run the most I had ever ran in my life, beating my all time record of running ten miles straight without training, when I finished High Road. It didnt matter if we didnt have our runners number. We had a photo finish, we were on the jumbotron, and we were offered some kind of medal. (I declined). After we soaked everyting in, we proceeded to mooch as much free stuff as we could during the after party. SWAG! STUFF WE ALL GET, as Ryan would say.
The feeling of accomlishment was great, on to the half marathon, not a bad day for a fat tub o' lard like me.

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