Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Waiting for a bus: True Chicago Style

Any True Chicagoan waiting for a CTA bus is most certainly waiting impatiently, because CTA is never on schedule. A True Chicagoan exhibits the seriousness of their impatience by trying to spot the bus by walking in the middle of the street to try and catch a glimpse of a bus on the horizon. The Truest of all Chicagoans waiting for a bus will walk into the middle of the street to spot a bus while traffic weaves around them. Sometimes this Chicagoan is disappointed when they think they see a bus and it turns out to be a truck, school bus, or the most disappointing, and out of service bus. But, before discouragement sets, a True Chicagoan lifts their head up high and always finds three CTA buses bunched up ready to take him or her to their destination, late.

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Kelley said...

Too funny. I commuted every day for at least 3 years and I've done all of those. But def. the worst is when you *think* you spot a bus in the distance, breathe a sigh of relief and realize that a block later, it was a big truck with lights on the front.