Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Coming Out Party: Chicago Republicans

In Chicago, Republican is a bad word. you only find a few on the far Northwest Side and maybe a smattering downtown. This is a one party town, a oligarachy, ruled by powerful Democrats and and perpetuated through patronism. And they keep thier grip because urban dwellers think everything is copasetic with Democrats in power. I guess were not as backwards and closed as those country folk that vote Republican, right?
Last night I snuck into a John McCain party, at a bar, with Angel and Liam. Angel, a staunch Democrat, had to be coerced into coming. I told him he would be spying for the Democratic Party and that there would be free food. I was going for all the free McCain stuff to give out to my students. Liam was along for the ride. It was a boyz nite out.
I love being in a room where everyone thinks you're on the same page, but you're not. Where you get to hear people embarrass themselves and say things they would never say in public. That is what I was hoping for. When we got there, I grabbed as much SWAG as I could. The room was half empty, and there was a feeling like you were part a group shunned by society and now here are others like you and you're letting it all hang out. I saw babies with Palin Power bibs, people with McCain-Palin shirts, and some othere interesting sights. I could not believe how many old people there were and how many men where trying to pull off bow ties and red suspenders. I guess they were going for the Michael Douglas, Wall Street, look.
Time went on, we ate, watched the Sox lose and we didn't notice any Republican big wigs, until Tony Perica ( running for States Attorney) and Jim Durkin ( he runs McCain's campaign in Illinois) began speaking. These guys were passionate as only any underdog can be. They know how defeating it is to be a Republican in this town, but I was struck by Tony Perica's description of what it would do to Chicago politics by having a Republican as State's Attorney. He said he has the power of supoena and would be going after all the Strogers and Daleys of Chicago and Cook County. As much as I love Obama and am excited about his message of change, a Republican elected to any municipal or cook county office would be more in line with his message than the same old sleeping at the wheel, voting for your party, expectations in Chicagoland.

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