Wednesday, November 26, 2008

True Chicagoans Eat Italian Beef

The Italian Beef sanwhich is something , thin slices of roast beef, soaked in juices, topped with Scala giardinera, or sweet peepers. Mmmm. Don't get fooled into going to Mr. Beef on Orleans or Portillo's . The best beef stands are on the Northwest Side. Johnny's, Michael's, Roma's, Jay's, and my number one choice for juicy beef's and fries, Mr. Beef on Harlem. True Chicago.

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Rant, Cant, and Slant said...

One of the best Italian Beef stands in Chicago, is one I remember from my youth. I grew up right next to St. Nick's Ukrainian Catholic church. Now that area is known as Ukrainian Village, but back then it was just West Town. Despite several more nearby options, the place that had the best beef sandwich was Boston's on Chicago and Grand. I haven't been there in a long time, but when I look forward to going again!