Saturday, January 24, 2009

City of Big Shoulders Gives Me a Hug

I have been taken back by the good will and honesty that has come my way recently. I get a daily brief of crime in my neighborhood from this site called Everyblock Chicago, I know all of the assualt, knifings, rapes, robberies, drug and prostitution arrests that happen in a one mile radius, everyday. Sometimes you think Chicago's gone crazy.
But three times in the last month our garage has been open hours at a time and nothing has been stolen, nieghbors have kindly watched our stuff or rung our bell to let us know. I lost my wallet on Thursday, with credit cards and a two hundred dollar check. I had been looking everywhere, I even back tracked up and down Belmont Avenue looking for any signs of my wallet. Today, I received an envelope; in it my license, credit cards, and the two hundred dollar check. The envelope had no return address. It's good to be reminded of a little kindness, honesty, thoughtfulness, humbleness, and neighborly love exists in Chicago. I extend thanks and blessings.

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