Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2

When I grew up, I didn't think one bit about littering. In fact, one thing that I remember about about my childhood was how dirty Milwaukee Avenue was on the way to the drugstore. I attributed messy streets with city life. Once, when my aunt came from Puerto Rico, I was riding in her car and I threw a soft drink cup out the window, she said "Billy keep Chicago clean", I looked at her in disdain. I continued this practice until I was 24 years old, when I accidentally threw a cup out the window in front of Katie, like the first week dating. Apparently that was'nt normal in her experience. I mean come on, throwing something out the window, leaving a Whopper wrapper on a flower pot, throwing ashes out of a moving vehicle was wrong? Apparently so.
Once I heard Eric and Emily were cleaning their block over on Mozart and Cortland, back in the day; they even picked up an empty purple juice bottle in front of some gangbangers. I was burning with anger, who did Katie, Eric, and Emily think they were acting like some uppity-ups, keeping Chicago clean. Didn't they know True Chicagoans trash their town and like it like that. Nonetheless, slowly, I came around. I am reformed and so what, I do like picking up trash in front of my house and keeping Chicago clean.

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Emily said...

What a change, what a change. ;)