Sunday, August 16, 2009

Salvage someOne

Scene 1: 11:00, second floor Salvage One, Chicago,Illinois.

Bill: (Cell rings) Hello?

Henry: Bill I need you to pick me up?

Bill: Who is this?

Henry: It's me Henry, it's to hard, I cant do this, I need you to pick me up.

Bill: Henry, I paid for you to stay, it's non-refundable.

Henryr: I know, I'm sorry.

Bill: Henry, you have nowhere to go, this is your last chance, there is nothing we can do; you can only go back to the street. Henry, this is supposed to be hard, you need to stay, its good for you, you need something that is hard. You gotta stick it out, it's gonna be difficult.

Henry: It's too much, I'm leaving can you pick me up?

Bill: I can't now, I'm by downtown, I've got my niece and nephew and Liam. Stay there, I'll pick you up later.

Henry: No that's ok, I'm leaving,.......bye Bill. (click)

Bill calls Katie, no answer. He then calls Teen Challenge.

Bill: Is my friend Henry Roman there?

Teen Challenge: We tried to talk him out of leaving.

Bill: Is he there?

Teen Challenge: He just left.

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