Thursday, December 31, 2009

Guerilla Historical Society

I've tried guerilla gardening on Pulaski and LeMoyne and my plants were stolen. Next up, Guerilla Historical Society. I have gone underground, since no one was interested, and I have been collecting historical photos and information about my neighborhood of North/Pulaski in Chicago. So far I have procured about ten photos ranging from 1900-1973. I'm a preservationist in a neighborhood that doesn't know or doesn't care that it needs to be preserved, so I am alone. I plan to strike in the next year, by informing residents, by any means possible, about the history of our neighborhood and the need to preserve the collective memory of this space and place. If you care to join me in the revolution, I will be staging my first installation soon.


Anonymous said...

love the frequent updates.


Eric said...

You know I am in. But revolution...a bit too much. Let's change the verbage.