Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Choose....Galewood

The move from nomadic society to an agrarian society took place when these wanderers were able to position themselves in the perfect location near a surplus of food, water, and shelter to survive. Once that place was found, they made a decision to settle down; to grow families, to grow societies. Two blocks west of Narragansett, on the shore of an ancient freshwater lake, we now find our family having chosen the very same...

I choose being ok with driving everywhere. I choose being ok going to the Brickyard, and going to Jewel, Chipotle, Lowes, Target, Walgreens, Chase, McDonalds, Verizon, and Starbucks. I choose having to worry about my lawn and how loud my kids are getting, I choose not to worry about not sending my kids to the local school or going to the local church, I choose living in a neighborhood where I don't have to start everything from the ground up, I can come alongside individuals that are and have been fighting for the neighborhood for generations, I choose to focus on growing my family here, I choose not have my family live through another drive-by, I choose not worrying about selling out, about moving from a "more real" neighborhood 3.4 miles east. I choose not to feel guilty about my freedom to choose and that I have everything I need to survive here. I choose not to coast on my lessons from my past, but grow. I plant my family on this fertile land and will harvest, here.

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