Monday, January 30, 2012

A New Birthday

Liam is so obsessed with his birthday, mostly for the attention he gets and the presents he dreams about getting. He bugs us everyday, asking us when his birthday is and how many more months does he have to wait. But today, we have a new day to celebrate. My son became a Christian last night. He's been asking Katie about it for a couple of days. When she was reading the story of Lazurus he told her he wanted to be baptized. Katie said that usually you become a Christian before you get baptized, so he said he wanted to do it. Katie knelt down with him and prayed a prayer with him and explained to him about forgiveness of sin and Christ's death, and repentance. Then Liam asked Christ to live in his heart. Just a simple prayer, then a quiet celebration of his new birthday, January 28, 2012. I cried when I heard it, it is beautiful that our son is responding to the soft nudges of something beyond himself and that his decision to follow Christ was organic and has altered the course of his life. I have so much hope and thanks for the promise God has for my son's life.