Monday, April 30, 2012

35 and here to stay!

I just turned 35. I think I just entered a new age demographic also. I believe I am now part of a "child-rearing group, ages 35-44". What is interesting about that demographic and what I believe to be true, based on what I am hearing from young urban professionals I hang with is this, this demographic is now struggling with which neighborhood to raise children in and which school to send their kid to. Really for many of this age group, in the middle class, when it comes to kids, Chicago has it's limits. The suburbs or one's hometown now has cache. Not me, the only thing I have to look back to for a reference is Chicago, I've been here forever, born and raised here for 35 years, before gentrification and globalization caused people to make false choices. My age demographic will not force me to leave this city I love.

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