Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Problem With Communicating About Place

The problem about taking photos, blogging or using social media to highlight a place is that there is a great potential that reader will be compelled to visit it and experience it. My age group and younger live in a culture in which authenticity is highly sought after commodity and value. The overexposure and the mining of authentic places inevitably strips the place of authenticity. Our human nature is to share with others, as social beings, unfortunately it gets corrupted; do I call tourism a corruption?  I guess, but then I indict myself.So do we share the Macchu Pichu, do we share Feng Du, do we share Sokotra, do we share Petra, do we share the sewers of Paris, do we share the favelas of Rio, do we share the ruins of Detroit, do we share footsteps of the French Provencal village of Menerbes, do we share the Italian hillside villages of Tuscany, do we share the nooks and crannies of our forgotten neighborhood?

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