Friday, June 28, 2013

10 Year Anniversary

Well we made it. 10 years of marriage.

06/27/2003 Married
08/04/2004 Hawaii; bought building on Keystone
6/27/2005 Trip to Europe
08/06/2006 Liam is born; grad school finished
04/19/2007 Bill's 30th
09/28/2007 Katie's 30th
06/27/2008  5th Year Anniversary
05/19/2009 Ava is born
09/07/2010 Liam starts school
09/30/2011 Bought home on Natchez
08/26/2012 Katie goes back to work, both kids start Montessori
06/27/2013 10 year anniversary

These are just highlights, I can't believe all we went through so much in the in between time, those little moments are what make this marriage. The day to day reality, good and bad, is what true love looks like. Never a dull moment, honey. I love you so much Katie.

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