Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fwd- "The Logan Square Blogger"

My name's Jill, and I'm really passionate about supporting local businesses. Last night, I rode my bicycle and met up with my friends Emily,Erica, and Katie at Logan Bar and Grill. We talked about our disdain for Sarah Palin and how she is an insult to those of us that supported Hillary. But the focus was on the state of Logan Square and how gentrification has been forcing out longtime businesses. For those of you unaware of what is going on in our neighborhood, newer residents are moving in and forcing longtime residents out. Businesses that have been here for generations are being replaced by Starbucks or some other multi-national chains to meet the consumer demands of those new residents. The effects of globalization have especially hit the Latino residents of our
community the hardest. That's why all of us at the table made a pact to spend our money locally and that's why I want to recommend everyone to try Logan Bar and Grill, it's been in the community for a long time, its not a chain, and its is true to the neighborhood, it even has the word Logan in its name. If I were to choose between two local grills, such as Johnny's Grill and the Logan, I would definetely choose the Logan.

And....... don't forget to get your groceries at Adli on Milwaukee either, you always want to support and protect our local grocery stores and keep the money from flowing out of our community.

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Lynn Stevens said...

Some may not get the sarcasm in your post, so I'd like to get the real shop local recommendations out: Try Sunrise Market at Milwaukee and Sawyer for groceries. Unfortunately there aren't many bar AND grills, but around the square, El Cid #2, The Winds, and even Dunlays (which at 3 years old beats Logan by 3 years) serve both food and drink. Many of the older establishments serve just one or the other.

Gentrification though is complicated, and we still have plenty of empty storefronts to accommodate businesses -- chains or mom and pops -- without driving any business out. But if someone who has owned a building for 30 years wants to cash in on his investment, who are we to tell him he can't or shouldn't.