Friday, September 5, 2008

Northwest Side: What makes these neighborhoods so safe?

Portage Park, Jefferson Park, O'Hare, Edison Park, Norwood Park, Dunning, Sauganash, and Forest Glen reported no shooting deaths or injuries this summer, while other neighborhoods reported a combined total of 125 people shot and an estimated 247 wounded this summer. What makes these neighborhoods consistently the safest neighborhoods in the city?


Anonymous said...

I've lived in Dunning/Belmont Heights for about 24 years. I think the far northwest side tends to be safe for a several reasons:
1. Older population. Average age is close to 50.
2. Lots of cops and city workers tend to live there.
3. Relatively high employment and income levels.

True Chicagoan said...

I lived in Dunning during my high school and college years.Do you think that when the older population begins passing on that the neighborhood will begin changing? I mean Belmont-Cragin had the same dynamics you speak of, and the neighborhood has such a different face today. What are your thoughts?