Sunday, April 19, 2009

32 years old

I know a person that was overweight and went to meet a personal trainer, after much analysis they determined that although he was 28 years old, he had the body of a 38 year old. Over the course of a year and a half, although 30 years old, he had gotten his body to that of a 24 year old. In the past two years I have done the same, lost wieght I mean, but I'm pretty sure I have the body of a 32 year old, because in fact I am 32 years old today, it's my birthday.
I am beginning to notice aches and pains, and a faint wrinkles on my brow and corners of my eyes. I am also noticing that I am sounding and thinking more like an old codger. I am constantly trying to instruct my kid and others about the right way of doing things, I dont want kids on my lawn, I dont like them playing football on the street because they might hit my car, and I complain if the nieghbors if their too loud.
I'll tell you this, I have no idea what these next few years have to hold. I never imaginged life past 25 years old, so I kinda have been on auto pilot. I have a baby girl on the way. I don't have any dreams for myself, my family. Kinda sad. Its time to dream again.

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