Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Favorite Smells

What a beautiful night, walked out of Facets movie theater on Fullerton. 62 degrees, street crowded with cars, taxis, and j-walking pedestrians. The colors glimmering on the freshly wet asphalt. The smell of a misty spring evening rain. One of my favorite smells.

Here is a list of my other favorite smells: freshly lit cigarette, stale beer in a tavern, hiacynth, the Lincoln Park Conservatory, my son's soft cheeks, coffee roasting from a factory on Elston and Webster, Big Red gum, Cool Water perfume for Women, a newly published book, new carpet, newly painted room, cilantro, dentist's office (cloves), leather, moth balls, wintermint, gasoline, Murphy's Oil, pine trees, pipe smoke.

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Joe Devine said...

Living in Chicago is great! It is a beautiful city and the people are very interesting. There are also lots of job opportunities, even in this down economy.