Saturday, September 5, 2009

Save the Pioneer Bank

Our nieghborhood is a former bright light aka theater district, and major trolley line stop. North Avenue/Pulaski Avenue, formerly North/Crawford was home at least five major theaters, hotels, restaurants, and bars, in addition to many mom and pop stores catering to locals, and still does today. The shopping district from Pulaski Rd. to Grand Avenue retains a largeley unbroken True Chicago urban streetscape, while one of the major theaters, the Tiffin, has been demolished, the five story Pioneer Savings and Trust Bank on the northeast corner of North and Pulaski remains a major landmark. Although it is a landmark in a spatial sense, it is not designated a landmark formally. It was nominated last year, but for purely pragmatic reasons, it probably will be difficult to market if strict landmark rules are applied to the building, negotiations between the landmark commission and the developer who owns the property have broken down. My guess is that developer generically develop into condos, however if they took a pulse of the community, they might find that people want to preserve our built history and maybe a library or community arts center can make use of a landmarked building. Anyone interested in preserving the built environment of the North Pulaski area can contact me at or call 637-2781 0r 794-3095.

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