Sunday, September 13, 2009

This is......

Today was a great day. I went running at the lake, came home, prayed at church; the sun was shining through the stained glass, cam home cleaned the block and alley with a motley crew of neighbors, harangued local businesses, in English and Spanish, for not cleaning up their dumpster areas, built a storage shelf, hung out with my beautiful Ava, walked around the block with her, came back, took Liam with me to Land of Nod to buy Ava a teether, went to Trader Joe's, Liam did all of the shopping in his mini cart, went to Costco bought some diapers and wipes, drove home, ate enchiladas, gave Li a bath, read him stories, put him to bed, ate brownies at Beth and Charlie's downstairs, read online news articles, watched the movie trailer for Black Dynamite, began writing this blog.

The big news though is that I found some books that will add to my eventual book, that I haven't written yet, called Urban Imagery: For Kids. Sorta an urban planning and visual arts guide for parents that want to expose their kids in all things urban. So at Land of Nod, a yuppie kids store, I found a whole bunch of books written and illustrated by a Czech artist named Miroslav Sasek. He published very unique children's books under the name, This is......, that guide them through major urban centers of the world. Each one captures the hustle and bustle of each city at a certain moment in time, the sixties, and matches it with whimsical, stylized, comical, water colored illustrations. Check for yourself. Beautiful artwork.

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