Sunday, July 24, 2011

Making Decisions

We are now going to leave our church and look for another one. Our decision took the long road, through prayer, anguish, humility, and perseverance, but after 2 1/2 years we will be leaving New Life Humboldt Park . We told our pastor, said we weren't growing, we weren't not connecting with the community among other things. We waited so long because we know that leaving a church sometimes isn't amicable. Our pastor said he has learned to hold people loosely in leading a church, then he gave us the blessing to transition on, we said we wanted to remain involved in the church in ways we could, he agreed, we prayed and that was it. We expected it to play like a break-up and what we got was analogous to a blessing a father gives to a man asking for the fathers' daughter's hand in marriage; a sort of acknowledgement that in order for her to grow he needs to accept, trust, let go, and entrust her to another. We believe in going about things in the right way and feel like we made the right decision.

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