Sunday, October 30, 2011

True Chicago: Jewel bag

Any True Chicagoan,when needing a plastic bag, will inventively request a Jewel bag, named for the Jewel-Osco grocery store. Jewel bags are used to throw out garbage and junk, best practice is to double Jewel bag it then throw that into a Jewel bag that you stuck into your plastic garbage can or waste basket, because lining your can with a Hefty cinch bag, with Febreeze, is for yuppies.

No True Chicagoan will pack lunch in a Tupperware container or a thermal insulated lunch bag, no, a True Chicagoan uses a Jewel bag, with a sammich wrapped in aluminum foil or paper towel, a banana, and a can of something or other.

Jewel bags are the favorite of old ladies, hence the nomenclature, bag lady.

Hang out in any Polish or Eastern European neighborhood neighborhood and you'll notice the Jewel bag as people walk down the street.

The Jewel bag, the True Chicago carry all.

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