Friday, December 21, 2012

Debt Burdened Homeowners Don't Strike

I have never seen this as an actual quote, from an actual policy maker, but I have read numerous authors use some form of this quote to explain why policy makers during the Roosevelt Administration allowed for the mortgage interest deduction. It seems right to me. I mean I went on strike for 7 days this fall, nievely thinking it wouldn't affect my finances so much, but it did. It still does. Was it worth it, yes. Did I think it would hurt so much, no. They were right in the fact that when the financial pain begins to sting, all of my grievances against the state or powers that be, will  be at least be put into question or dropped altogether. My bluff will be called.

I remember my boss saying, last year, that she wasn't going to challenge the status quo in the CPS,  because she wasn't willing to lose her mortgage., nor, as she threatened, would she let us, her workers, challenge her, lest we want to lose our mortgages. The will to fight or not fight real enemies or phantasm enemies is snuffed by the things that hold us down financially the things that we have been duped into taking on as responsibility because we want to live the American Dream, and be good citizens. If I want to challenge that, do I give up my house, my investment buildings, do I give away all my money, do I ruin my family for the sake of principle, for a deep sense that I am not being controlled or manipulated by real and super real people and systems? I don't have an answer. I think going into the strike nievely, thinking that it wouldn't have too big of a cost, was a blessing. Everyone is waiting for the Revolution, but I think we have opportunities to live in the little revelations/ revolutions daily. My revelation/revolution is the communion with those feeling the pain of living on the razors edge, living day to day, maybe unemployed, without any job prospects, the realization of the blessing and privilege I have to have faith, family, friends, and professional networks to bouy me if i went under, the blessing that I can restructure my life fairly easily, the knowledge that even though I am a multiple homeowner, that I can and will go on strike again.

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