Saturday, December 29, 2012

Radical Friendship

Can we renounce our privileges, our privacy, our biases, our prejudices, our fears, our lack of trust, our rights, to elect affinity with our neighbors.? Can we live in communities, in neighborhoods, outside of private and comfortable spaces, and renounce these things to elect affinity with "others"? In these things, can friendship move from a political move to something authentic and real?


Eric said...

Let's also talk about this gets at the idea of why we are "friending" people. Profound question. Can't wait to see you guys.


Bill said...

Friending as in Facebook? I was reading a review of a book about affective communities. Thats where this post comes from. The author writes about the in between , between binaries; between colonialism and anti-colonialists. Those that renounced the trappings and prevelidges of the British Empire and found affinity and true friendship with the other. Miss you guys too.