Saturday, December 29, 2012


I was researching on the definitions of modernism and postmodernism, and I wondered about post-post-modernism and I found the term meta modernism, which I feel describes the epoch of my life and philosophy right now. Check this definition out:  metamodernism is a continuous oscillation, a constant repositioning between positions and mindsets that are evocative of the modern and of the postmodern but are ultimately suggestive of another sensibility that is neither of them: one that negotiates between a yearning for universal truths on the one hand and an (a)political relativism on the other, between hope and doubt, sincerity and irony, knowingness and naivety, construction and deconstruction.

I think it sounds like me, maybe not.


Eric said...

That is a good one. Can't wait to dissect this with you. :)

Bill said...

Let's make it happen. Sounds good.