Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Soundtrack of my Hood

Noise is comforting, it gives you reference, it creates a narrative of your immediate world. Scientifically, noise is sound waves or vibrations. The vibrations are detected by the ear and turned into nerve impulses that are understood by the brain. Hearing requires sensitivity to the movement of molecules in the world outside an organism. Neighborhood noise gives sensitivity to movement of life in the community outside of your home.
I think the soundtrack of Keystone gave me comfort. Fire engines, police cars, abulances, salsa, bacahata, banda, and hip-hop blasting, someone yelling up to a window, Le-o, Hec-tor, cars hitting the speed bump at full speed, the faint hum of North Avenue, Pulaski, or Grand Avenues, the F-word punctuating every conversation, all of these sounds ever so comforting and piquant.
I was scared at how quiet it was around my new place. Silence is scarier than a gun shot, silence stirs up the unknowns, the what if's, the turn my back, the who's theres. It was so quiet that you could hear crickets during the day. As days went by I longed for some drama on the street, maybe a curse filled fight, or a dope fiend passed out on my lawn, nope just landscapers mowing lawns, that is all you see and hear around here, landscapers mowing lawns. The soundtrack of my hood, Galewood, is crickets and lawnmowers. This doesn't comfort me, it gives me a reference of what I'm dealing with here, and it is surely a narrative of the lack of life outside my home.

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